Buying and Drinking Alcohol

It is an offence to pretend to be 18 to buy alcohol.

It is normally an offence to drink alcohol in a public place (e.g. on roads and in parks) and it is illegal to be drunk in public.

Maximum penalty:
2 penalty units for being drunk in a public place.

It is an offence for a child to possess or consume alcohol on licensed premises.

Maximum penalty:
25 penalty units

Fake IDs

It is illegal to pretend that you are 18 years old or more if you are not yet 18 in order to enter licensed premises (e.g. a pub or club).

Altering an ID card to make it appear as though you are 18 or older or giving someone else a fake ID is also against the law.

Maximum penalty:
penalties relating to misuse of IDs vary from 25 to 40 penalty units.

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