Wilful Exposure

Flashing is against the law.

Maximum penalty:
2 penalty units; or in aggravated circumstances (e.g. deliberately flashing to offend someone) 40 penalty units or 1 year jail.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual attention directed towards another person such as unwanted touching, dirty jokes or requests for sex. It is illegal. More information is available at www.adcq.qld.gov.au.


Click here for more information about sexual harassment from the Queensland Law Handbook 

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It is illegal to film or photograph people having sex without their consent. Loading such material onto the internet can also lead to criminal charges.

Maximum penalty for recording private acts without consent:
2 years jail.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is an offence.

Click here for Sexual Assault information from the Queensland Police Service 

Click here for information from Queensland Health

Click here for information from DVConnect (Sexual Assault Helpline  is 1800 010 120)  

Maximum penalty for sexual assault:
10 years jail and up to life imprisonment for particularly serious cases.


Rape can include any level of penetration of another person’s genitals by any part of your body or any object without their consent.

Consent means consent given freely and voluntarily by a person with the understanding and capacity to give that consent.

There have been cases where rape charges have been laid after one of the parties was found to have been too drunk to consent.

Maximum penalty:
life imprisonment.
for attempted rape: 14 years jail


Click here for more information about sexual offences in Queensland and the criminal processes to deal with them
from the Queensland Law handbook