Sexual offences are sexual conduct without consent. ‘Consent’ is permission given freely and voluntarily by a person with the understanding and capacity to give consent. people may be too drunk to give consent. Consent can be revoked at any time. People under the age of 16 cannot ever consent to sex.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is unwanted or forced sexual action or behaviour without consent.

Click here for Sexual Assault information from the Queensland Police Service 

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Click here for information from DVConnect (Sexual Assault Helpline  is 1800 010 120)  

Maximum penalty for sexual assault: 10 years jail and up to life imprisonment for particularly serious cases.

Any sex with someone under the age of 16 is illegal.

Maximum penalty: 14 years jail

Filming or photographing people having sex

or their genital or anal area without consent is illegal. Sharing such images, privately or on the internet can also lead to criminal charges.

Maximum penalty: 3 years jail


The distribution of provocative or sexual images of people under the age of 16 (including yourself) can expose you and the person receiving the sext to charges of possessing and distributing child exploitation material.


is the penetration of another’s genitals or anus by any body part or object without consent.

Maximum penalty: life imprisonment; for attempted rape 14 years jail

If you have been the victim of a sexual offence, you can report it to police by calling 000 immediately. Guidance and support is available by calling 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) or the statewide Sexual Assault Helpline on 1800 010 120.

Sexual Harassment

is unwelcome sexual attention such as unwanted touching, jokes or requests for sex. It is also illegal, but police might only assist if it also amounts to a sexual offence. More information is available at


Click here for more information about sexual harassment from the Queensland Law Handbook 

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Wilful Exposure

Flashing is against the law.

Maximum penalty: 2 penalty units; or in aggravated circumstances (e.g. deliberately flashing to offend someone) 40 penalty units or 1 year jail